Martha and Reggie’s Peanut Butter Biccies


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16 x mixed shapes – Martha and Reggie’s Peanut Butter Biccies

In memory of our beautiful, perfect furbabies Martha and Reggie, these Peanut Butter flavour ‘biccies’ are my first foray into providing some dog-friendly treats!

Customers have said for a long time, and I’ve thought about it too for several years, it would be great if I made some treats for doggies so the TVC experience could be shared with furbabies as well.

What better way to immortalise our amazing English Pointer, Martha, and equally amazing Weimaraner, Reggie, who were absolutely inseparable, than with these wonderful treats.

These biscuits are made with ingredients which are human grade, fit for human consumption, and are also dog-safe so you can actually enjoy a nibble at the same time! They are intended to be a treat for your dog – and should be given as such.

Each Biccie contains: wheat, peanuts (contains vitamin B6, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, niacin), vegetable oil, flax (contains essential nutrients good for skin and coat, omega fatty acids, omega 6,  linoleic acid), small drop of maple syrup (contains manganese and zinc which support immunity)