Happy 10th Birthday TVC!

I really and truly can’t believe it – today, 1st June 2022, is exactly 10 years since I started The Vegan Cakery! Happy Birthday TVC!

Thank you so, so much to every single customer who has helped to make this celebration possible, when I started the ‘Cakery a decade ago I had no idea where the journey I was starting out on would take me and just how popular my baking would become. I am eternally grateful to you all.

From day one, my intention was to prove my vegan products are every bit as good as the ‘regular’ versions (well, better!) and as an ethical vegan – vegan for the animals – to also help take veganism mainstream. Ten years on, I’m still as passionate about developing and bringing to market the best vegan versions of treats, sweet and savoury.

Right from the very beginning, starting out with a small number of postal orders and supplying Leicester’s Café Mbriki from my home kitchen, I honestly couldn’t have believed I’d be here now looking forward to the next 10 years of TVC from a new purpose-built ‘Cakery kitchen (more about that over the coming days!)

So much has changed in the vegan world over the past decade. When I started out there were very few ingredients which were of sufficient standard or quality and hardly anything available on the High Street.

As an example, vegan ‘cream’ simply didn’t exist which is why I made my own recipe and it’s the same I use today…and it’s still the best around too 😉 You couldn’t just go and buy a bag of readily available sprinkles for decoration or anything like that, haven’t times changed!?!

All of my recipes have been created from scratch and truly are the USP of the ‘Cakery, I’ve always strived to deliver the absolute highest standards and that will continue going forward. You can’t put in the incredibly long hours I do if you don’t love and have a passion for your work!

It’s always such a pleasure to bake for you, my amazing customers, right across the country whether for hand deliveries, courier deliveries or at my Afternoon Tea experiences which I am so thrilled have finally returned after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the coming days and weeks there will be some fantastic offers to celebrate 10 amazing years of The Vegan Cakery so keep an eye across TVC’s social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for those.

In the meantime, thank you! Thank you so very much for enabling TVC to not only survive but to thrive – I wouldn’t be here without you all!

Lots of vegan love, always vegan for the animals,

Michelle xx